Electric Field Driven Assembly Involving Ferroics for Biodevices

The strategy of tissue engineering is to induce the body to heal itself using cells, biomacromolecules such as differentiation and growth factors, and biomaterials designed to direct the organization, growth, and differentiation of cells in the process of tissue formation. For that purpose, the knowledge of the self-organizing properties intrinsic to tissue growth and its control are the key parameters.

It has been shown that piezoelectricity is present in some living tissues such as bone (with piezoelectric collagen), dentin, and tendon among others, although the underlying mechanisms are far from being understood.

Within this context, the main aim of our project is to explore the use of piezoelectrics as “substrates” for tissue engineering, namely, in devices which allow the surface charge to be patterned and controlled internally or externally in real time. We have been using different biocompatible polymers, such as poly (L-lactic) (PLLA).

PLLA protein adsorption Stability of electrically induced-polarization in PLLA