On June 7, the Final Conference “Multiplier Event” of the “Engineer for the Future – Engine4F” Project – a European project developed in partnership with ten institutions from Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus, including the University of Aveiro by the hand of Prof Paula Vilarinho.

This event was the result of three years of project implementation, which, based on a common European need, related to the lack of qualified personnel in the technical and engineering areas and, simultaneously, the desire to attract more women to these areas (STEM) (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – essentially with the 8th and 9th grade students, and especially with female students.

Moreover, it aspired to draw attention to the importance of engineering in society and the world, promoting challenges and opportunities of a career in the same area, through the use of creative and innovative teaching practices and organization of events and initiatives, such as visits to factories and laboratories at universities, lectures and open talks with engineers, etc.



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