Under the auspices of EUCERMAT an ERASMUS + Project, and in conjunction with ENG4F, Agrupamento de Escolas de Ílhavo, Escola Profissional de Aveiro (EPA), and the University of Aveiro, a lecture was held on January 25 at Ílhavo Secondary School, under the theme of Nanotechnologies.

This activity was targeted to students of the 5 to 9th grade of High School aiming to raise the awareness of high school students and lecturers of materials, ceramics materials and their current importance in a modern society.

Within this context Professor Paula Maria Silveirinha Vilarinho, from the University of Aveiro, presented a talk on Nanotechnologies.

The approximately 80 students that attend to the talk, were introduced to concepts such as the manometer scale, how big is a manometer, materials properties at the nanoscale, what is expected to achieve with their use, such as clean, safe and low-cost energy; stronger and lighter materials; more effective medical devices and medicines; among others. It has also been shown that its use raises important issues in the health. There is now a great debate about the extent to which nanotechnologies will be beneficial or maleficent to health.
In conclusion, it was said that Nanotechnologies have come to stay and are the new revolutionary force.

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