Speaker:Prof. Maria Helena Fernandes, DEMaC, University of Aveiro 


Under the auspices of EUCERMAT an ERASMUS + Project, and in conjunction with ENG4F, Agrupamento de Escolas de Ílhavo, Escola Profissional de Aveiro (EPA) and the University of Aveiro, a workshop was held on December 14 at Ílhavo Secondary School, under the theme of Engineering and Materials.


The program included activities targeted to students of the 5 to 9th grade of High School aiming to raise the awareness of high school students and lecturers of materials, ceramics materials and their current importance in a modern society.


Within this context Professor Maria Helena Fernandes, from the University of Aveiro, presented a talk on Biomaterials. Following the talk and discussion on the topic, laboratory experiments related to the subject of materials using the “American Ceramic Society Materials Science Kit” were carried out.


This working day raised the awareness to the world of engineering and its importance today, to promote a professional career in technology and engineering, and at the same time to attract more young people for these same areas.




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