Fev 3nd Yan Zhang Micro-scaled Porous Ceramics with Aligned Pore Structure
Fev 15th Pedro Duarte Group rules / Brainstorming as efficient tool
Fev 22th Gonçalo Fonseca Piezoelectric composite for gum regeneration
Mar 01th Anna Wlodarkiewicz Electromechanical characterization of KNN ceramics derived from mechanosynthesised powders
Mar 08th Pedro Lemos Additive manufacturing of electroceramics
Mar 15th Rui Pinho Method toward processing of dense and high performance lead free ceramics
Mar 22th yCAM Berlim Curso Microscopia INL
Mar 29th Ricardo Serrazina FLASH Sintering of Lead-free Perovskite Oxides Towards Sustainable Processing of Materials for Energy and Related Applications
Apr 05th Materiais 2017
Apr 12th Materiais 2017
Apr 19th Paula Vilarinho Wrtiting / Reporting scientific results
Apr 26th Monika Preparation for PhD VIVA
May 03th Marta / Andre / Tiago / Goncalo How to write a master’s thesis
May 10th Interruption for academic week
May 17th EIDS Wales
Jun 07th Pedro Lemos Additive manufacturing of electroceramics
Jun 07th Tiago Ribeiro Master’s thesis
Jun 21th Elisabete Costa Impedance spectroscopy
Jul 05th André dos Santos Master’s thesis
Jul 12th Marta Branco Master’s thesis
Jul 19th Tiago Ribeiro Coupling electromechanical actuators to heater valves
Jul 20th João Abrantes Impedance spectroscopy: from the basic concepts to its application in polycrystalline ceramics
Jul 26th Paula Vilarinho Group related topics and informations
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