March 2nd Rosário Soares Stress analysis by XRD
March 14th Susan McKinstry Piezoelectric Films for Microelectromechanical Systems
March 30th Nivas Babu Pessure, strain and stresses on sintering of electroceramics for high frequeny applications
April 13th Elisabete Costa Electrical measurements
April 27th Pedro Lemos Marques Deposition of Thin Films by RF Sputtering
May 11th Marisa Maltez Scanning Probe Microscopy and Kelvin Probe Microscopy on ferroelectric thin films
May 25th Monika Tomczk Low temperature synthesis of bismuth ferrite thin films
June 8th Manuela Fernandes In situ TEM of sodium potassium niobate thin films
June 29th Ricardo Serrazina Characterization of CERMETs powders for Thermal Barriers
July 13th Mónica Faria Roboscasting of Silicate Ceramics
July 27th Alexandre Santos SnO2 thick films sensors: processing and characterization
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