Jornadas CICECO 2015 is now calling for abstracts.

All CICECO members are invited to present their R&D work and to submit an abstract.

Jornadas CICECO 2015 will feature oral (for invited young CICECO researchers), posters and Science-based Technology SHOWCASE presentations covering all the research fields of CICECO.

JORNADAS CICECO 2015 will organize the first SHOWCASE of CICECO, focused on the exhibition of research activities and technologies under the topic “(NANO)TECHNOLOGY … FROM THE LAB TO THE INDUSTRY”. The target audience of this SHOWCASE is composed of: companies, research centres, technological laboratories, capital ventures, social entrepreneurs and other researchers.

All researchers and collaborators of CICECO are welcome to present their work in this unique SHOWCASE event, contributing with a diversity of samples, prototypes, videos, posters, flyers, … to communicate (as much as possible visual) your scientific research or technology-based to a wide non-specialist public audience.

Posters and SHOWCASE works will be directly accepted for the BEST POSTER and BEST SHOWCASE contests.

For the abstract submission use the Abstract Templates made available at

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