Group Seminars 2013

13th February João Resende Oxide Thermoelectrics: the state of the art
27th February Manuela Fernandes Effect of pressure during sintering on ceramics microstructure
13th March Nathalie Barroca Kelvin Probe Microscopy on biopolymers
20th March Muhammad Asif Rafiq Ferroelectric domains by Raman Spectroscopy
3th April Elizabete Costa Impedance Spectroscopy: a tool for materials characterization
17th April Nivas Babu Selvaraj Pressure effect studies on sintering
8th May Xinming Su Te based thick films
15th May Amit Mahajan CNTs/FE composites: kinetics studies
29th May Monika Tomczyk Low temperature synthesis of thin films
12th June Paula Vilarinho Why, How and What
19th June Stella Skiadopoulou Functional porous films
3th July Venkata Saravanan Thermoelectric Oxides
10th July Xiaoli Zhu Multiferroics by one pot synthesis
24th July Sebastian Zlotnik Tantalate and niobates thin films
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