Positions are open for post doctoral grant within our group at the Materials and Ceramics Engineering Department of the University of Aveiro and within the Associated Laboratory, CICECO (www.ciceco.ua.pt).

We are seeking applications of highly motivated PhDs with a strong experimental background and solid scientific strength and with a demonstrated record of excellence in one of the following areas: materials physics, materials chemistry, materials science, materials engineering, biological/biomedical engineering or related fields for a two years post doctoral position within a project in the field of Electric Field Driven Assembly Involving Ferroics for Biodevices.

Besides an excellent CV, the candidate should be:
i) motivated to work on a new interdisciplinary area, like the combination between the electrical phenomena and bio devices for tissue engineering and or regenerative medicine;
ii) and if selected should be ready to accept the grant; the grant is supposed to start very soon (within 1 to 2 months).

If you are interested please contact Prof Paula Vilarinho at paula.vilarinho@ua.pt.

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